Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weddings That Leave A Hole In Your Pocket

Weddings are probably the most awaited event of anyone's life. Moreover, this happens across all cultures although the traditions vary. However, the statistics of money being spent on weddings is appalling. Surprisingly, people are happy to shell out a good amount of money and haven't been even thinking to do something about it.

Isn't a wedding about two people deciding to spend the rest of their lives together? About them realizing that they have found the one, they have been looking for. Then, why does it have to be so grand that it leaves you checking for finances and counting every penny spent and every penny left.

It doesn't happen with just a few people, it's something that is followed almost everywhere. People seem to be competing to make the wedding day better that the rest and making it a 'different- from others- wedding' and a memorable event for everyone on the guest list. Well, isn't the purpose to make it memorable for the couple getting married and just the fact that they would then be pronounced as husband and wife is enough to make it memorable.

The comparison can be made to the Indian dowry system, which is followed in a few communities there. The only difference seems to be that there the groom's family officially asks for money and here that money seems to be spent on the wedding day itself.

A much known example of this to cite is the wedding of Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge and Catherine Middleton. It was estimated that the wedding cost was around $20 million. This also happened to be around the recession time.

Wouldn't it be so much better if the weddings happened in the presence of just the people who are genuinely happy to be there and so for them it would not matter how grand the event is. The wedding gifts could instead be given to the underprivileged like how a Loving Bride Gives Selfless Gift to Charity, marking the day as important not just to you but also for many people who would appreciate it.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Altoids gum

Mint strength is getting out of hand.

Tuesday meetings at work. I dread them. Once we get done with dealing with issues and deadlines, it inevitably breaks down to my big boss' story time. Some of which are good background stuff, but nothing that grabs my attention for more than five minutes. I don't usually drink coffee in the morning, but I needed something to keep myself alert and my eyes from wandering over to the large aquarium and spacing out. I fished around my pockets and found a new can of Altoids gum - untested. It's gum right, and we usually just pop them in and chew. The moment my tooth sank and broke the hard candy shell, I thought I had just cracked open a poison tooth. It's a small meeting with only 7 people around an oval table, so everyone could see my face contort with obvious discomfort. It's not like I could stop the reaction in my mouth. The seal has been broken...and the closest trash can is not in the room. There's no way I could talk without drooling because I was over-salivating from the mint and the mint-gas was all in my sinus. It's almost as bad as eating too much wasabi. Thank Vishnu that only lasted for a few excruciating minutes.

Since that happened pretty much at the beginning of the meeting, there was still plenty of time for me to lose my focus and space out during story time. The cold weather has definitely forced me to watch more sports and programs on TV lately. I remember seeing commercials of razors with 3 blades...then they "Turbo" it up. If it's not "Extreme" or "Turbo" it's just not hardcore enough. Now they have the new quad razor - but it hasn't been outfitted with an afterburner yet. So, I'm hoping the next razor will just skip the five blades and go with the "Shiva" six bladed smooth shaving action. That would really help me out since the blades outnumber the strands of hair I shave off my face.

I'm glad we always know how to solve issues with a healthy dose of overwhelming force.